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What is a Romantic Predator and are you in danger from one? 

Romantic Predators are NARCISSISTS who: 


  • are slick, seductive and deadly. They are people who use a sophisticated set of strategies to find, research and seduce their ‘targets’, luring the innocent, unsuspecting Empath, HSP or simply vulnerable person into their evil traps.


  • will Love Bomb, Devalue and Discard you, while systematically destroying your self-worth and devouring your soul. You’ll be left in a crumpled heap, heartbroken, destroyed and you’ll never be the same again.


  • are unconscionable, pathological liars with zero compassion for anyone but themselves. You exist for one reason and that is to give them the ‘Narcissistic Supply’ they cannot live without.


  • are without mercy. They will abuse you psychologically, mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually and financially, then Discard you like a worthless piece of trash.



Unless you know how to spot them and avoid their evil intent…

This book is for you if you NEVER want to get into 

a toxic relationship again


If you have had the misfortune of being in a romantic relationship with a Narcissist, you will know that everything above is true and they are the scourge of the earth. And you will want to never, ever get into such a relationship again. 


The way to avoid the Narcissist's Trap is to know what to look for and how to spot the Red Flags. 


This book is for you if you are: 


  • Brand new to Narcissistic Abuse and have only just come across the term but know or suspect that you have been, or are currently, involved with a Narcissist


  • Aware that you have a pattern of attracting toxic people and are desperate to avoid this happening to you AGAIN


  • Back on the dating scene, hoping to meet the man or woman of your dreams, after too many failed relationships, but worried that you don’t know what to look out for


  • Aware of what Narcissists are but still falling into their traps and you don’t know why, or know how to protect yourself


  • Currently in a relationship but not sure if you’re being ‘abused’


  • Currently in a relationship with a Narcissist and desperately trying to figure out how you got there and how to get out


  • Aware there are ‘Red Flags’ but what are they?


‘The Top 50 Red Flags of Romantic Predators: How to avoid the Narcissist’s Trap’, will teach you all the tricks of the Narcissist’s Trade and arm you with the skills you need to avoid them and slip right out of their grasp when they approach you. You will be bullet-proof! 


In this book you'll discover…

The Red Flags in the Initial Meeting/Early Days 

The Red Flags getting Deeper into the relationship 

The BIG Red Flags of Narcissistic Abuse 


And throughout the book, for every Red Flag that I cover, you’ll discover how to spot it, exactly what to look for and what to do, say, or think when you encounter each flag. 


This book cuts through the Narcissist's lies and deceit, and shows you exactly what is going on behind the Narcissist's mask. It will save you from making the same mistakes you’ve made in the past. This book will save you from YEARS of heartache. 


If this book helps just one person to avoid falling into a Narcissist’s trap, then I will be happy, but I hope that the number will be much higher. 

Maria McMahon




Red Flag No 6…

is really shocking, especially when it comes to "Lieutenants". I am now grasping what they are compared to flying monkeys. I think the take away in this whole book is to know your self worth, trust yourself/instincts and respond accordingly because when you think of lieutenants for example, you'll always be paranoid and end up missing genuine relationships. God put in us, as you put it in the book "emotional barometers" and the only thing we need to do is tune in and listen. Thank you so much for this book.


S.Z., Narcissistic Abuse Survivor

Red Flag No 20

I had no idea that such people existed, until this amazing woman swept me off my feet and I fell harder than I've ever fallen in my life. Then she got pregnant and turned my life into a horror-movie. If only I had known… this book will ensure I don't make the same mistake twice. 


J.L., Narcissistic Abuse Survivor 


Red Flag No 14…

My challenge in life has always been based on what is explained in Red Flag 14. Being an Empath has been the biggest roadblock in moving on after finally making myself stop forgiving and take care of myself. In hindsight it seems to fit most men I have attracted. I will be reading this Red Flag over and over to get clarity. Where was all this information so many years ago!!!  


M.C., Narcissistic Abuse Survivor